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The XG series is as good as a graphite reel gets. With a powerful center disc drag and one way ball bearing, you are in control when a fish takes off with your line. The large arbor, V-cut spool gets line back in a flash and ready for the next fight. Light weight, a smooth retrieve and affordable price tag are just a few of this reels attractive qualities. Also offered in a Pre-Loaded 4WT, 6WT or 8WT Fly Line, Leader plus Backing, clam pack option.***

·High Grade Durable Construction
·Large Arbor V-shaped Spool
·Adjustable Center Disc Drag System
·Optional Spare Spools
·Converts Easily For Left or Right Hand Retrieve
·Light Weight Design


XG Pre-Loaded Reel

XG-I-P4 WF-4F Pre Loaded Line, Leader, Backing WF-4F/ 60YDS of 20LB $50
XG-II-P6 WF-6F Pre Loaded Line, Leader, Backing WF-6F/ 70YDS of 20LB $50
XG-III-P8 WF-8F Pre Loaded Line, Leader, Backing WF-8F/ 90YDS of 20LB $50