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As with our PRO4x trout and single-hand salmon/steelhead fly rods, we've mirrored our NRX two-hand rod designs with the PRO4x salmon and steelhead two-hand fly rods. There's a noticeable reduction in weight, especially in the tip-sections, not only making these rods feel lighter, but increasing the rate of blank recovery for better casting distance and accuracy. Proprietary processes in both blank and rod manufacturing allow us to provide optimum performance in key areas to improve distance, accuracy, line control and mending. They will fish a number of different casting styles depending on the line/size. We've made them more economical by using off-the-shelf componentry, but don't let that fool you... they are all about performance. As beautiful to look at as they are to fish, these are rods any fly fisher would be proud to own. Now there's a new, more affordable two-hand opportunity! We call it PRO4x!!



Item # Model Number Rod Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Scandi Grams/Grains Skagit Grams/ Grains Taper Power Price
12407-01 PRO-4X 1505/6-4 12'6" NA 4 5/6 24 grams/360 grams 26 grams/400 grams Medium-Stiff Moderate Fast $495
12408-01 PRO-4X 1506/7-4 12'6" NA 4 6/7 26 grams/400 grams 28 grams/450 grams Medium-Stiff Moderate Fast $495
12287-01 PRO 4X 1567/8-4 FR 13' A 4 7/8 30 grams/460 grains 34 grams/520 grains Moderate-Fast Medium-Stiff $525
12273-01 PRO 4X 1568/9-4 FR 13' A 4 8/9 34 grams/520 grains 38 grams/580 grains Fast Medium-Stiff $525
12274-01 PRO 4X 1689/10-4 FR 14' A 4 9/10 38 grams/580 grains 42 grams/640 grains Fast Medium-Stiff $550
12275-01 PRO 4X 18010/11-4 FR 15' A 4 10/11 42 grams/650 grains 45 grams/700 grains Fast Medium-Stiff $575